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A little birdie told me that I don’t put my face on here enough! So I decided to answer a couple questions so you guys could get to know the face behind HerTwenties! Hope you all enjoy <3

Why I started HerTwenties

I loved watching YouTube videos and other content from influencers but I felt like there was never anyone I could completely relate to- someone that was going through the same things as me or had the same struggles as me. I really wanted to create a place where people like me could come, be entertained, learn things and share experiences. It has been a work in progress that I’ve changed many times but ultimately I love where it is and love that it has the ability to go anywhere I want it to go. The process of creating something so true to myself and watching it grow has been one of the most awesome things I ‘ve ever experienced.

Where I’m from

I grew up in South Florida and lived there for a majority of my life. That’s why I chose the photo of me on the beach, it pretty much sums up the things I love the most in a photo- saltwater, sea breeze and sunshine 🙂

What I’m Doing Now

After graduating from college in Miami, I moved to Atlanta, GA for graduate school. I am almost done (2 months, yikes!) with my Masters in Public Health. Apart from school I work for a pretty amazing nonprofit organization!


My Undergrad Graduation!

Hobbies I love

I try my hardest to get to a hip-opening vinyasa yoga class at least twice a week. Being on a mat is definitely my happy place and my me time during a pretty busy week. I also consider myself an almost-foodie. Trying new restaurants is kind of like one of my favorite things to do. I might have a slight addiction to brunch… it could be a problem. Anyone say avotoast?

 My Passions

If the Masters in Public Health didn’t already hint towards it- health and wellness have always been serious passions of mine. I’m always looking for new ways to be mindful and incorporate more superfoods into my diet. My passion for wellness really came out of me seeing a lot of people in my family suffer from chronic disease. When I was a little girl I promised myself I’d do everything in my power to live a happy, healthy life.


Def almost fell on my face lol!

My most annoying habits

I ALWAYS think I am right. I think that is the one thing that is annoying about me. If I think I know something you’ll be hard-pressed to tell me something different.

I’m also a maladaptive perfectionist. If I have a vision for something I have to make it happen exactly how I want or I won’t do it. Perfect example: it took me two years to find a coffee table, I know weird right? I am so glad I waited and stuck to my vision because it couldn’t be more perfect for my space. Apartment tour coming soon!

The biggest challenge in my 20s

I think the hardest part of my twenties has been learning to accept and love myself exactly as I am. It can be really hard with social media to not compare yourself with other people whether its careers or the way your body looks. Practicing self love is something I have to work really hard on- I mess up all the time.

Something I fantasize about

Having a family is something that has been on my mind a lot lately. I can’t wait for the days where I am home shopping with my future husband, setting up a nursery and really #adulting. It is definitely something I don’t think will happen any time soon though. Until then… we can all dream.

Where I see myself in 5 years

In 5 years I will be sneaking up on 30! Career wise I see myself still working for a nonprofit organization and hopefully married with a baby on the way. Possibly starting HerThirties if you all are still with us haha!

Things I love

Window-shopping with a cappuccino in hand is pretty much bliss. I know most people hate window-shopping, but I always find it peaceful and inspiring. Who doesn’t love being surrounded by lavish beautiful things? Even if they aren’t yours. I also love pretty much anything by Drake and Alina Baraz. I LOVE Peonies but I think so does pretty much every other lifestyle blogger… maybe that’s the secret.


Me and my best friend at OVOfest 2014


Feel free to email/comment any questions! I love hearing from you guys.








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    Dheandra Jack

    February 23, 2016

    I really liked reading this post! One of my friends is in an MPH program as well and she loves it! I’ve considered moving to ATL as well. How do you like it there? Was it a big change from Miami? Thanks for allowing us to get to know you a little bit better! I also need to contact you about a guest post for my blog!

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      February 23, 2016

      You should definitely move to ATL! Lol, I tell all my friends to move here. Its one of those cities that everyone loves once they come. And yea it was a complete change, having actual seasons and no ocean was quite the change. Overall the people are so sweet here, I’m glad I decided to move! And yes girl! Let’s get some collabs going!