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I am about eight months shy of turning 25, scary right? I will definitely, no questions asked, be a full-fledged adult at that time. Lately, I have been noticing a trend amongst my peers. Now is the time where I am starting to see the divide, you’re either busting your ass to create the life of your dreams and living it, or you’re getting stuck because you aren’t able to get over the curve balls life has thrown at you.

In the last five years I have seen some people really evolve into everything they’ve ever wanted. I have friends in any kind of grad school you can imagine and friends who risked everything to take a chance and are living out their dreams.

I also have friends who are currently a little stuck. Not because they are lazy or aren’t hard workers but because life is hard. And let me tell you, in the further you progress into your twenties, the harder it gets. Life can hit you with babies, bills, student loans, sick parents, and responsibilities you didn’t even know existed.

I think something I’ve been trying to embrace lately is the idea of never leaving any stone unturned. I’m sure we can all find older people who reflect the two kinds of people I just mentioned- an aunt, uncle, family friend or even your own parents. How can we ensure that we live a happy, fulfilled life?

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Something I’ve learned, even through this blog, is that good change doesn’t come when you’re comfortable. Your dreams should intimidate you. They should be a little scary and a lot exciting all at the same time. If you never move out of your comfort zone to even try them how can you reap anything to find them? And don’t think I’m telling you that you can stop everything you’re doing and try and live out your dreams and in a week life will be sunflowers and daisies.

Living out your dreams isn’t easy. You will experience failures and shortcomings. There will be nights where you get off work to pay your bills and work until you fall asleep to make stuff happen. But, if you never try to live out your dreams that could really be considered a failure in itself.

If you’ve had a brilliant idea, wanted to start a new job, apply to graduate school don’t wait. A few weeks become months and months become years when you’ll look back and wish you would’ve tried to do that one thing. There is never a time like the present moment to do something you’re passionate about. Now is the time to live your life with zero regrets, don’t ever waste a minute.

Know that everything will work out exactly the way it is supposed to, no matter what. Hold on to your vision and make things happen.

Stay tuned for some tips I’ve found helpful in helping me manifest life I’ve always wanted. In the mean time, I just wanted to write this little note to any one who’s been on the fence about making that change. The amount of power we have within ourselves is absolutely infinite. Don’t block it with self-limiting beliefs and “I can’t” statements; they don’t serve you or that life that’s waiting for you. Surround yourself with people that love and support you. If you don’t have that right now, know that I am here, as your biggest supporter, and I 100% believe you can do anything you want to do.