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So, last week I fell off of the clean eating bandwagon. And when I say fell off, I mean I fell all the way off. I had just come back from a weekend in Washington, D.C. (definitely one of the coolest cities ever btw). As soon as I came back I had a midterm that I hadn’t studied enough for and not to mention it was that time of the month. Pretty much the ingredients for the perfect junk food storm.

Yesterday I decided that this had to come to an end, partly because I felt gross and also because a constellation of pimples decided to make a guest appearance on my forehead. Typically I try to eat as cleanly as possible. I’m sure you’ve seen all those #cleaneating hashtags and EAT CLEAN, TRAIN DIRTY memes on Instagram. But what does eating clean mean? Can I do it? The answer is super simple really and it’s possible for anyone to do! Even my younger twenties on a tight college/grad school budget. (I’m currently living on a restricted grad school budget, so I’m living proof!)

I think different people interpret eating clean differently but my basic understanding is to stay away from over processed foods by any means! Whenever I’m buying something I immediately scan the ingredients and if there are more than a few things I can’t pronounce, or don’t know what they are I leave that baby right on the shelf. Also, do you really want to eat something that can survive without refrigeration for years- think about it.

A simple strategy I use is perimeter grocery shopping. Here’s a secret most grocery stores don’t want you to know- almost everything you need to survive lies in the perimeter of the grocery store. Think about it. Meat, fruits, veggies, cheese, yogurt, all those things that are fresh and full of nutrients for you lie in the perimeter of the grocery store. If you avoid the aisles you can stay away from all of those tempting over processed and nutrient empty snacks. The only time I venture into the aisles is for staples like rolled oats, couscous or things like rice.

Why does this strategy work? Well if you don’t see the usual culprits you won’t be tempted to purchase them. Eventually you will forget all about them and hopefully if they ever do pop up you’ll realize that you don’t need them and you feel so much better without them. This strategy is really almost fail proof and it will leave you feeling better than ever with lots of energy.

Try it and let me know how it goes!

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