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Camouflage Jacket : ShopBNicole on Etsy | Stop Hoodie: Rose Wholesale | Leggings & Socks : Forever 21 | Shoes: Journey’s (Converse All-Stars) | Bag: Kate Spade

For most fall is such a beautiful season… Unless, you’ve spent the last four years in Miami. As my fellow HerTwenties partner has stated, Miami has two seasons. Summer & Rain! Moving to our nation’s capitol, I’ve experienced many changes with the weather being the biggest by far. What’s a Miami girl to do? Tap into her inner fall, and I’ve realized I’m in love. It has rekindled my love for all things Bohemian & Hippie Chic. I recently purchased this Camouflage jacket as an accessory for an event, and now I’ve realized it can be used pretty much any day as a light jacket. It’s big enough to layer underneath and fashionable enough to look as if I’m ready to hit the catwalk. I would say that it’s a FALL FRIDAY MUST. While unpacking moving boxes, I came across this hoodie, and its perfect paired with leggings. Before I knew it, I had a not so drab ensemble for a pretty drab day. I think I’m FALLing for Autumn. A pair of Chuck Taylors and high socks can cure the coldest of feet too J