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Let’s face it, our twenties are filled with stress. My last few years of college were tough handling a tough course load, a job, a social life and extracurriculars like sorority activities. While I have always been used to a certain level of stress I started to feel anxious, which can be a little frightening. Sometimes stress and anxiety was so crippling I literally felt like I had the weight of two sumo wrestlers on my shoulders and was trying to hike Mount Kilimanjaro- it slows you down! Post graduation it doesn’t get any easier. Whether your practicing your right to be a professional student, like myself, or you’ve begun to tackle the real world and you have to deal with mounting assignments, lackluster coworkers or unsupportive superiors-life is tough! Any given day we have many things thrown at us and sometimes the word overwhelming can be a serious understatement.

So how do we get through it? I’ve always believed we are all made up of 3 elements: Mind, Body and Soul. It is essential to take care of all of these and keep them in balance.

Your Mind: This is definitely the most challenging element to me. My mind is constantly running from task to task it’s like i have an overly energetic hamster on a wheel constantly running in there. Its hard to keep your brain focused on one thing when you know there’s a million other things you need to do. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, I pause for a moment and remember to breathe. It sounds obvious, but taking in a few deep breaths can quiet your mind and let you calm down. This can be achieved through a few deep breaths, mediation or my favorite yoga. Any of these things can soothe your mind just long enough for you to press the reset button. Once you’ve practiced any of these techniques you will have a fresh mind and be able to focus on what you need to get done.

Your Body: You get out of your body what you put into it right? The foods we eat have such an enormous impact on our daily lives. Try to stick to a natural diet, by this I mean minimally processed foods. One thing I always try to do is to be conscious of what I am eating and how it is going to make me feel. Okay, so I have a confession. I secretly have an undying love for Cheetos Puffs- you know the highlighter orange jumbo cheesy crunchy deliciousness? And while I indulge every once in a while, sometimes I have to remind myself the effect they have on me. When I eat Cheetos I soon feel tired, sluggish and unmotivated. Sends me straight to a sleep coma! Thinking about the after effects helps me to make better decisions. If you find it difficult to get away from these tempting snacks try to envision how you will feel after you eat it. There is no doubt that fresh foods can improve your mood, give you energy and focus you for the rest of the day.

Your Soul: To me, your soul is where your happiness is. Dealing with stress and anxiety can seriously put a damper on potentially good days. My answer to that is to find things that make you happy and make time for them. It could be anything from a hobby to a simple pleasure. I personally enjoy window shopping- don’t make fun of me! Nothing makes me happier then grabbing a perfectly made cappuccino (#hertip: always ask for 2% milk it makes the BEST foam) and carelessly floating through a ritzy mall and enjoying the scenery. So when I’ve had an off week or I am feeling a little down I try to set aside a few hours to make sure I am doing something just for me. We all have busy schedules but make it a point at least once a week to set aside time for YOU, you’ll thank yourself for it later.

#qotd What are your favorite things to do to relieve some stress?

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