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It’s that time of year again! Time for New Year’s resolutions and reflecting on all of the things that occurred this year. I was trying to think of New Year’s resolutions for myself, I’ll be sharing those as soon as I finish them :), I thought about how I wanted to make 2015 different. This was a big year for me, I graduated college and moved away to a new city on my own! I wanted to take the lessons I’ve learned and really use them to make 2015 a prosperous, happy and healthy year.

Something that stuck in my head were all of the challenges I have faced be it in my professional life, my love life or issues with friends and family. I realized that I had been harboring quite a bit of negativity and I wanted to do what I could to let that go this year.

One of my resolutions this year is to leave the hurt and pain behind. Maybe you are still feeling the stings of past relationships, or even situationships. Do what you need to do to let it go and leave it behind. Maybe that means unfollowing them on Instagram or deleting numbers- some may call that petty but guess who this year is about? You guessed it! It’s about YOU. Has this year been a tough year for friendships? Maybe its time to leave them behind. A good friend of mine always says, “Friends come for a season and a reason, and some seasons are longer than others”. Not all friendships are meant to last the test of time, but some come at just the right time to help you or teach you something. This could have been a difficult year personally. Maybe you have been struggling with set backs or self-doubt. Free yourself from them! Perhaps the best thing about this holiday is that it can serve as a giant reset button. It is your chance

I want to challenge myself to just let go of things that make me unhappy and I am challenging you guys to do the same with me! More often than not we forget how much control we have in difficult situations. At any time it is perfectly okay to decide that something isn’t right for you, or realize what kinds of situations you do or don’t want to be in. That is the perfect beauty of life! At any time you can say no!

Being in our twenties life seems like a constant roller-coaster. But this joy ride also comes with distractions, things being thrown at you and maybe what seems like only two minutes of peace and quiet. Our twenties are hard but they’re also really exciting. So, together let’s make this year our year!

I wish everyone in the HerTwenties gang a year filled with positivity, light, prosperity and happiness. Remember, 2015 is our year!





P.S. If there is anything you’d like to see on the HerTwenties site or IG this year let us know!