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Last night I watched a Q&A video from beauty guru Jaclyn Hill. Something she said really got to me. One of her subscribers asked her advice about being successful. In a nutshell she said to find something you really love to do and just do it. Never stop doing it. Don’t give up or even stop to listen to what others say. She even had the most interesting quote she said, “A 5 by 8 dream cant fit in a 4 by 6 mind”. Which is similar to small-minded people not being able to understand big dreams.


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I know personally I am easily influenced by other people’s opinions. If someone has an argument that is convincing enough they can sway my decision. Part of that is because I am extremely indecisive. When I first started HerTwenties, which will be a year ago in September! I might’ve told three people. I held on to this little secret for a while and eventually more of my friends started finding out either by chance or coming across the Instagram page. Why did I do that? Because I knew someone would be able to talk me out of it. Or I knew I would be utterly disappointed if someone had a negative view of the website design or anything like that. What I really needed for me to get over my fears and finally create HerTwenties was pure support. Not support with a touch of opinions. Just support. This pure support is something that I had to get from myself. I knew that if that’s what I needed I just needed to keep quiet and work on it until I was so confident and proud that it wouldn’t matter what others said or thought about it. And to be clear I don’t have negative friends who don’t support my dreams and goals. I would never keep those people in my life. People who care about you offer their opinions because they want to help you. But deep down in my heart I knew their opinions weren’t what I needed to get this page going. Even today I’ll have someone give me a suggestion about me posting things a certain way or what kind of posts I should be doing. I don’t ignore their suggestions. I hear them but I have given myself permission to disagree with them and not follow through.

Something deep down told me to create this page, in the hopes that I would reach other twenty something’s who were experiencing the same things I would and that we could connect in some way. I’m happy to say that throughout this last year I have stuck to that same gut feeling in the decisions I make regarding this site. Is HerTwenties perfect? Absolutely not, there is so much more I hope to do with it but I know in good time it will be, and for now I am very proud of where it has come.

I went on a mini tangent only to give an example from my own life. In whatever you are doing or aspire to do remember to be your own number one supporter. If you don’t first believe in your ability to do something how do you expect anyone else to jump on the bandwagon? There’s no greater feeling than accomplishing a goal. And sometimes its kind of rough supporting yourself. You wouldn’t imagine how many times I have considered scrapping this whole website because I was convinced that only my mother and roommate were reading the articles. I mean in all honesty I was a recently graduated biology major who knew nothing about websites, design- I didn’t even know what wordpress was. But something in me kept it and I’m glad I did. Fight for what you want and go out and get it. There’s nothing stopping you but yourself.






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    August 3, 2015

    I really felt like you were speaking directly to me in this post. I went through and am currently going through the exact same thing, but I think as long as we find comfort in knowing that we’re doing something we love we’ll be alright! Good luck to you

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      August 3, 2015

      Breanna, I completely agree! Best of luck to you too! Don’t be a Stranger.