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During my first year of graduate school I noticed that I had begun to accumulate quite a bit of doubt. I was one of few first years that went straight from undergrad to graduate school. Making me a baby in the eyes of most, and terribly inexperienced in my own eyes. The first week of school was interesting hearing everyone’s stories of spending the last three years in Zambia teaching safe sex, or getting published on some huge research study. I was literally sitting over to the left like yea, I just graduated from college. If that wasn’t enough sometimes I would find myself in class wondering if I was actually supposed to be here. Fast forward to this summer and I am on this job hunt looking for work that would give me experience in the field I needed. The problem? Most people want you to have experience to get more experience.

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I’m starting to believe that this might be another #twentiesthing-not that it doesn’t apply to any other age but it certainly applies to us. I think it’s easy to worry that we’re going to get stuck in some stupid job doing something we hate for the rest of our lives. Or that we aren’t getting enough experience in the right things. Maybe you feel like you should’ve gone to grad school instead of diving headfirst into the real world pool. We’ve gotta get over this.

For this week my mantra will be “I am exactly where I need to be”. I have always been told “God makes no mistakes”. Take that how you will with whatever higher power you believe in. I don’t think the universe makes mistakes either. But what I mean by this is instead of worrying and stressing ourselves out we should carry some faith that wherever we are in this moment in time, whatever we are doing is exactly where we need to be. We may not be where we want to be. There aren’t many 20something CEO’s that I’ve counted. But what you’re doing now is teaching you some important lesson or life skill that will be invaluable in your future. Working at the lower end of the totem pole for a big company has its advantages in that when you are the boss of your own company you will know exactly what it’s like to be an employee. You can use this knowledge to create the most awesome epic work environment an employee has ever seen- we’re talking Google campus status.


Join me with this week’s mantra! Let’s be happy and confident in the current state of our lives and hopeful about the many great things that will come in abundance in our future.