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I don’t think I fully understood the meaning of “stop and smell the roses” until a few years ago. We get so busy in our day-to-day lives that sometimes we forget to be fully present and enjoy the beauty that is around us. There is a world out there teeming with happiness and joy just waiting for us to discover and acknowledge it.

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Sure it is easy to find beauty and excitement in obviously happy things like special occasions or buying something new and shiny. But I really feel that true and sustainable happiness comes from finding the beauty in the every day things that surround us.

I’ll admit that I struggle with this from time to time. When life is going well I have a good habit of appreciating the small things and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. But let something push me off track or something unexpected go completely wrong and I forget that beauty exists entirely.

This week I challenge you guys and myself to stop and find the beauty in the ordinary things we take for granted. Maybe you have to get up before the birds to drag yourself to work but as you’re driving you get to experience the most beautiful sunrise. Being fully present in such an awesome moment like that can turn your day around in an instant. If you’re a foodie like myself maybe a fancy design in your cappuccino or the world’s most perfect tuna sandwich will be enough to make your day.

Taking a small fraction of your time to appreciate and be grateful for the simple things around you can have the most profound impact on your day and in turn have a profound impact on the people around you. Remember positivity is absolutely contagious.

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We don’t know what challenges are ahead of us this week but we do know that in every day there will be something or someone to find beauty in and be grateful for. Focusing on negatives is absolutely futile and serves no greater purpose. We will face challenges as they come but we will still stop and smell the roses.

There is beauty in this world to be seen all around us, if we only just opened our eyes.

I hope you guys have been enjoying these #MondayMantra’s and they have been an uplifting start to your week. Let me know what else you guys would love to see on HerTwenties.