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#MondayMantra – I Will Embrace Change

July 18, 2016 0 Comments

The good ol’ #MondayMantra post is back, at least for this week. This week’s mantra is something that I really needed to hear and I hope it gives you a little inspiration too!

Embracing change has always been difficult for me. I think I through a tantrum in the 4th grade when my mom tried to transfer me to a better school. I think my argument was something like “But I’m learning life skills here!” By the way, the tantrum totally worked- although that might be the reason I’m always googling its vs. it’s.

If you know me personally, or you’ve been following my posts you’ll know my life is going through a lot of change lately. This summer I graduated from grad school, unexpectedly became single, and currently I am transitioning into a full time position at my job. Saying my head has been spinning would be an understatement. I don’t think I’ve cooked dinner or followed my usual skincare routine for the last six weeks.

Change causes a lot of disruption for me. I love and crave stability. While I do have an adventurous side, I like to try new things by choice. Not having a choice in change is terrifying.

Now that I’m starting to feel the dust settle a little and realized that I managed to survive this change storm with very minimal damage I can see all the potential change brings. Call it a change of perspective but now I can see this new phase of my life as a blank canvas. It is up to me to decide what happens next.

With change can come anything you want. I can become a runner, not really I laughed as I wrote that, or one of those people that goes to #SpokenWordSundays. Now all of a sudden I have all this space for something fresh and new. I have the potential to make this new job my dream job. I can even start dating again – eek! And potentially find my real dream man. Or not – but you know what, it doesn’t matter. I’m young with a lot of potential, that in itself is extremely exciting.

I think in the last few months I focused a little too much on what I had lost and not enough on what I gained. I now have time to focus on myself, and room to create the life of my dreams.

If you’re experiencing change, either unexpected or self-inflicted, embrace all of the positive things that come along with it. The unknown can be a little scary, but ultimately a beautiful place. Once the storm clears you’ll be left with your own blank canvas that is yours for the making.