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Sorry! I know I haven’t posted but I got a bad case of food poisoning. I’ll spare you guys the gruesome details. I wanted to share with you guys something different and fun. Many of you know the Sephora VIB sale is going on right now where VIB’s can get 15% off until the 21st I believe. This is a good time to get some cool splugey items. I definitely won’t be buying all of these things, because my wallet would literally go on strike and I can’t survive eating ramen noodles until the end of the semester. This is just a mini list of what I would buy If I was Bill Gate’s daughter, or maybe North West.


Fresh Rose Face Mask $62

This mask has amazing reviews and its made with *gasps* roses. I mean who doesn’t like the smell and feel of roses? It can’t get more luxurious than that. It is supposed to be really calming and soothing on the skin, perfect for us sensitive folks. It is also supposed to leave your skin as soft as a baby’s toosh.


Too Faced Sugar Pop Eye Palette $36

I am a huge fan of Too Faced’s little mini palettes. They always have really good quality eye shadows that can be used for day looks and sexy night looks. And come on, don’t these colors scream SUMMER! I’m lowkey drooling as I type this. And $36 for 9 eye shadows? Um, yes mam!


YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil $32

Okay, so I totally thought this product was the biggest joke of life when I got the email. I mean tinted oil? Well… I was completely wrong. I love trying on things in Sephora and one day when I was shopping around, I put some on my lips and walked around for a little. This lip tint/oil/amazing little thing leaves the most beautiful flush of natural healthy color on your lips and MAN can it moisturize. I want at least one to just keep in my purse all summer because it leaves your lips feeling amazing and gives them this healthy glow. YSL sold me a dream and I bought it honey.


Foreo Luna Mini $139

I have been wanting this little guy for months! I don’t know how many times I’ve prepared to buy it and then talked myself out of it because the price is pretty large. But I have heard so many amazing thigns about this guy. It is perfect if the clarisonic freaks you out, hell it is perfect even if you love the clarisonic. I’m sure you guys have already heard all about it so I won’t bore you. But, I will give you this interesting tidbit not only can you use it to wash your face, you can also tilt it on the side and use it to apply your eye creams. The pulsations cause the eye creams to penetrate deeper into your skin and work better. Wow, right?


bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream $29

This one isn’t exactly a splurge, but I have been wanting this also. I am not a foundation girl, the thought of it sends me into a panic attack. This is supposed to be like the best of all BB, CC and tinted moisturizer worlds. My skin has been dry lately and this promises to moisturize without leaving you oily. If you’ve tried it let me know how you like it!


Too Faced #Tfnofilter Selfie Powders $36

I know this one is totally gimmicky and weird but for some reason I want it. Some unexplainable reason I just would really like to have this in my drawer. Do you ever get like that? Like you know you want something completely ridiculous and unnecessary? I feel like a VIB sale deserves a wildcard and this is it for me. It is supposed to be like applying filters on Instagram to your photos, but to your face. It will also reduce shine if you’re on the oilier side.