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Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil Review

January 11, 2017 0 Comments

The Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil has gotten all kinds of hype on YouTube and Instagram from influencers. I have been dying to try it, but because of its hefty price tag I was really skeptical. I discovered this deal from Sephora where you can get the Sleeping Night Oil and their Good Genes Serum for cheaper than the full size version of the sleeping oil. This is a great deal considering the tiniest amount of both of these products goes such a long way. You get 0.5 oz of each product and I have been using them for months with no signs of them running out.I always love reading reviews on pricey products, so hopefully this helps you decide if the splurge is worth it for you.

The Luna Sleeping Night Oil is famous for its strikingly blue hue, which makes it stand out amongst the many facial oils available. This seriously magical oil is good for any skin type and boasts improving the plumpness of skin, reducing wrinkles, redness and pores and giving you cleaner skin. It is filled with good for you ingredients like calming chamomile essential oil and retinol – the age fighting superstar.

The beautiful bottle comes with a handy dropper. I use about 4-5 drops on my face, especially during the winter months as my skin can get really dry in Atlanta. The directions tell you to rub the oil on your skin until the blue tint disappears from your skin. Some people have noticed it has a strong scent, to me it smells like jasmine tea. If scents bother you, you definitely want to start out with a sample. This scent doesn’t bother me at all.

During the winter months I apply my first aid beauty moisturizer after applying the sleeping oil to ensure my skin is hydrated. When its warmer out my skin is good with just the oil at night. Because of the ingredients you can only wear this oil at night.

I will say when I first used the oil I wasn’t sure of any changes, but when you stop using it there is a HUGE difference. After using the oil at night the next morning your skin is bright, clear and plump. To me, the splurge on the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil was definitely worth it. I don’t mind splurging on an item that lasts me a long time and has good results. If you go with the oil + serum kit from Sephora you can use the two together. I’ll be sure to do a review on the serum in the near future as well!

Do you have a holy grail skincare product you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments below!