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Hello, HT gang! Guess what day it is… SUNDAY! In other words, it’s HerTwenties Sunday Summer Essentials! These essentials are pretty much all about the beach!


1) Bright Summer Tote

The summer tote is essential. A bright summer tote adds a pop of color to any outfit, and is always ready to make the quick transformation into a beach bag. The one featured in this post is one of my latest desires from the amazing, Kate Spade!


2) Floppy Beach Hat

Everyone loves fun in the sun, but we don’t want our skin to be too distressed from the sun. Floppy beach hats protect us from the harsh summer sun, and are also super trendy!


3) Distressed High Waist Shorts

I feel the same way about high waist shorts as I feel about my boyfriend jeans J High waist shorts (like bf jeans) fit almost any occasion, and can be styled so many ways. Throw on a v-neck and converse when feeling causal, or a blazer and pumps for those summertime happy hours with the girls. Hmm, where have we heard these words before?


4) A-Line One Piece Bikini

A-line one-piece bikinis are all the rage! They are super sleek, super sexy, and super stylish. They fit almost any body type, and for those of us not fond of two pieces… They are PERFECT!


5) Bright Summer Lippie

I don’t think I have to tell any of you how important lippies are to any outfit, but the perfect summer shade is a MUST! Lippies transform a plain Jane to an Electric Jane. The lippies posted are from a brand I just recently came across called, LA Splash Cosmetics. I can’t wait to try this brand. If I really like them, I’ll post some swatches and review of the product!

Who is ready to add these essentials to their wardrobe, and be the total beach babe? What’s on your summer essentials list? Tag us in your photos, and let us know! If you’d like for me to make to continue Sunday Summer essentials throughout the season mention us on instagram @hertwenties or twitter @herfashionxo!


Peace. Love. & Fashion,