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Hello, HT gang! I know it’s been a while, but I’m back! I can’t wait to share fashion finds, discuss the latest trends, and continue to give you a look into my closet. My favorite season ever is here, SUMMER! Summer is awesome because you can wear so many different types of clothing and still be dressed appropriately for the season. Which brings me to my Sunday Summer Essentials list!


1) V-Neck Tees

You can never go wrong with a v-neck. I repeat, YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG WITH A V-NECK. These can be dressed up with heels or dressed down with flats, sandals, or sneakers. They are so versatile, and ever so comfy!

2) Pointed Toe Pumps

These make the world go round. I mean I don’t even have to explain how essential they are to your wardrobe for any season let alone the summer season!

3) Distressed Boyfriend Jean

We all know how I like my boyfriends! Boyfriend jeans fit almost any occasion, and can be styled so many ways. Throw on a v-neck and converse when feeling causal, or a blazer and pumps for those summertime happy hours with the girls.

4) Platform Sandals

Platform Sandals are the new craze! Pair these with any outfit, and you’ve gone from Plain Jane to Edgy Jane. Platform sandals are great especially if you are uncomfortable with wearing heels out with friends. They serve the same purpose and can transform you look from casual to chic with ease!

5) Oversized Sunnies

What’s the point of summer without sunnies? Whether you’ve had that late summer night, or the sun is just simply too bright… Oversized sunnies transform any look to cute carefree beach babe J


These are just a few of the things I think are essential for the summer! What’s on your summer essentials list? Tag us in your photos, and let us know! If you’d like for me to make to continue Sunday Summer essentials throughout the season mention us on instagram @hertwenties or twitter @herfashionxo!


Peace. Love. & Fashion,