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End of the Month Reflection Ritual

July 30, 2017 2 Comments

I love a good ritual. Being that it’s the end of the month, I thought I’d share my simple end of the month ritual that I have been loving. For whatever reason I’ve always loved endings and new beginnings, whether it was ending a semester and starting a new one, or a celebrating a new year of life, I’ve always made time for a little reflection. No one can teach you more about yourself than you! What better way to learn about yourself than whipping out that good ol pen and paper, and allowing some time to reflect, completely free of judgement or criticism. I’ve been including this end of the month reflection in my bullet journal. It is so ridiculously easy you have no excuse not to give it a try!

(BTW. I could write at least three full posts on bullet journaling so I won’t get into what it is now, but stay tuned! If you’re super curious just type in #bulletjournal on instagram, it won’t disappoint.)

End of the month reflections keep me grounded. They allow me to tally up all of the great and not so great things that have happened in the previous month which ends up shaping my goals for the following month. I’m not the kind of person that keeps tabs on accomplishments (big or small). I tend to bask in joy for a couple hours and then my brain has moved on to the next task. This practice has really helped to boost my confidence at work and also serves as a cheat sheet for mid year and end of year reviews.

I write my end of the month reflection after my monthly spread in my bullet journal because it feels like the perfect conclusion. I encourage you to try writing it down in a quiet place. Maybe sip on some tea and diffuse some essential oils while you’re at it. This would also be the cutest friend date over lattes and brunch (or something intimate to do with your boo). Make it an indulgent ritual that you look forward to. If you’re into astrology, I have heard of some people doing new moon reflections which could be kinda cool!

Here are the three questions I use to guide my end of the month reflection:

1.What to celebrate?

I like starting with the good stuff. In this section I put all of the things that deserve a champagne toast. Here are some things I like to include:

  • Any travel/places visited
  • Work accomplishments
  • Significant tasks completed (personal/work)
  • Personal growth
  • Fun times with friends
  • Bucket list items checked off
  • Adversities I’ve been able to overcome
  • Health/fitness goals achieved


2. What to improve?

Notice how I phrase this one? This question is less about what went wrong in the last 30 days and more about how you can do better next month. I think about things that maybe didn’t go so well, but go a step further into trying to understand why they didn’t go so well. So for example, I might be disappointed that I didn’t do enough with HerTwenties in the previous month. Then I try to figure out why, what obstacles (either self-inflicted or out of my control) prevented me from working on this website. How can I set my month up so these obstacles don’t seem as daunting next month?


3. Goals for next month?

I try to think holistically what I want my month to look like. What are the top 3 things I’d like to work on. Sometimes I use the info from the previous two questions to guide me. Using the same example, if I wasn’t able to work on HerTwenties because I didn’t prioritize my time then next month I am going to schedule specific days where I only work on HerTwenties after work. Having the designated days takes some of the burden off of me feeling like I have to work on it everyday.

This section is more than work/side hustle accomplishments. I include things like working on friendships, going out more and relaxing a little bit, wanting to read more or maybe save money for something.

Hopefully after doing this for a few months you’ll have some more insight into yourself, your habits and all of the amazing things you’ve accomplished. It’s such a simple practice that can make the world of a difference if you allow yourself the space and time to do it every month.






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    July 31, 2017

    This is really great! I’ve been doing some reflection at the end of every few months, but I haven’t gone as granular as having purposeful check ins with myself every month. And I do like the way you phrased question #2. Right now at my quarterly check ins I have been focusing on what went wrong but not so much why, or how to make things better for next quarter. This then makes me feel kind of bad and like I’m starting my next quarter “behind” what I wanted to accomplish.
    Totally appreciate this and I’ll be implementing this technique into my life.

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      July 31, 2017

      I had a feeling you’d like it 🙂