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Whassssuppp HT Gang!

Okay, so first let me apologize. We’ve basically fallen off the face of the earth right? I know :(. We just started our spring semester of Grad school and needless to say it has been a little hectic. But enough of my rambling let’s get to the good stuff.

Have you always wanted to start juicing? I know I did for a long time in high school and college. I always thought the whole process would be too much. I’d have to buy a crazy expensive juicer and spend hours cleaning up. I also heard how expensive it is to maintain juicing and let’s be realistic if your budget forces you to choose between those new beige perfect-for-spring strappy sandals and some kale, what are you going to choose?

Well I am here to tell you, YOU CAN JUICE! Yes, YOU! Juicing is a lot more simple than you think and there are definitely ways you can keep it all within a tightly squeezed budget. Maybe you don’t even think you need to juice, so let me tell you why you should. Beauty starts from the inside right? Our skin and hair and overall health are reflections of how well we treat this one body we have. Now, doctors recommend we have 8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. EIGHT. I don’t know about you but there is absolutely no way that I could fit that much chewing into my schedule. Juicing allows you to fit all these nutritious veggies and fruits into your diet in one simple cup that can be instantly absorbed by your body without having to lug around a bag of baby carrots.

How I Juice     

So I have tried using two different kinds of juicers and for beginners I totally recommend the Breville Juice Fountain Plus. I actually bought this for my mom as a birthday present because I ready about how easy it is for beginners. Juicers come in all shapes, sizes and prices so don’t feel like this is the one you have to buy. Is relatively large and it is pretty loud- but that’s its power working. It has a wide mouth at the top so you don’t have to waste time chopping anything you can throw your produce in whole! It only has two modes one for hard produce and one for soft. It’s basically idiot proof right? This juicer retails for $149 and Bed Bath and Beyond. Which is a little pricey but I promise you this is a great deal and a fabulous juicer! One way to test a juicer is to look at the pulp left over after the juice is extracted. You should be able to squeeze the pulp and have minimal liquid drop out, which means your juicer did a good job at extracting the juice, which is what you want. If not you will be wasting tons of money on produce every week. Cleaning on this machine is also really simple you just take it a part and rinse everything off. The only thing you have to be meticulous about scrubbing is the basket but it comes with a handy brush making it super simple.

photo 2

I often stick to a basic juice recipe: Kale, carrots, cucumbers, a beet and an apple. Sometimes I add a little more or a skip the beet depending on what I’m feeling This basic recipe makes it really easy to juice because I always have these ingredients in my house. Feel free to play around with the recipe to your taste, if green juice intimidates you maybe use two apples instead of one. When you are playing around with recipes remember to have more vegetables than fruits, you don’t want to put yourself through a sugar rush! I try to use sweeter vegetables, which really do a great job at masking the flavor of the kale. I promise you don’t taste it at all but you get all the amazing benefits!

Here’s a sample of what I typically use to make two 15 oz. juices.

photo 1

photo 5

I will definitely be posting juice recipes on here or on Instagram & Twitter for you guys!