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At then end of my senior year of college I was introduced to a book called “The Defining Decade: Why your Twenties matter and how to make the most of them now” by Meg Ryan. I attempted to read it a few times but it wasn’t until a few weeks before grad school when I had some down time that I finally began to really read it and soak in the knowledge. This book is seriously a game changer! I am not a huge book reader and it’s a relatively short book- totally doable for any twenties girl on the go.

In the book Meg, a clinical psychologist, talks about dealing with clients in their twenties. And uses their stories as lessons for us all. She highlights just how important your twenties are and how everything we are doing now is defining the rest of our lives. And I know some of you may be like whoa, Danielle chill. That is way too serious and I am not about to read a book to be depressed about my future. Never fear! This book is way more inspirational than it is depressing. She shares success stories of clients who range from early twenties to damn near thirty. Her message is that it really isn’t too late. This is such an important and exciting time in our lives so we can’t waste one minute!

I learned so much from this book that I am reminded of it everyday and in every decision I make. I have probably annoyed all of my friends to no end because I just can’t shut up about it. It’s perfect for my twenties still in college, or those out of college and not really sure what they want to do. Or those who feel like they are stuck. This book will not disappoint, if I could give a money back guarantee I most certainly would, but I’m not rich- yet.

I still haven’t convinced you? I am going to include a short 15 minute talk by the author herself. She basically highlights important lessons in the book. If you enjoy the talk buy the book! Let me know what it does for you!