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Double Midi Ring: Amazon.com | Index Finger Ring: Airport Stop shop | Aztec Thumb ring: Unknown Mall Kiosk | Pinkie Midi Ring: Gojane.com | Cheers Cuff Bangle: Kate Spade | Triple Stack Bracelet: Henri Bendel | Arror Bracelet: Marc Jacobs

My Woman Crush Wednesday goes to the accessories I can’t live without. We all have that signature ring, bracelet, or necklace that we wear every single day. On any given day, you’ll catch me wearing each and every piece from above, and on a fancy day I add on. The beauty in accessories is that you can almost never have too many. Layer, layer, layer (seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life these days)! I was always afraid to mix silver and gold, but an aspect I love about Henri Bendel is that he does it for me. So now it doesn’t matter that I wear my silver index finger ring with my gold midi rings, because it looks RAD! What are you accessory essentials? Tweet me @HerFashionXo or tag us in a picture rocking your steez @hertwenties on instagram!


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